Location & Accomodation

Our retreats are held at Origen Eco Resort, a beautiful finca set amidst 11 acres of stunning countryside just an hour outside Medellín.

The water comes from a pure underground natural spring and there is a crystal clear river running through the foot of the property, perfect for an afternoon dip!

Within the grounds are sacred bamboo forests, a river beach, outdoor private meditation areas, the ceremonial Maloka, a swimming pool and sunbathing area, hammock areas, an indoor and outdoor lounge area, an indoor dining area and an outdoor dining area with a pizza oven and BBQ.

In addition, we also have an on-site organic chocolate factory where you can learn how to make organic chocolate bars and other cacao products.

The profits of this venture are used to help support the indigenous community.

The finca is teeming with animals. There are giant iguanas, wild cats, dozens of exotic birds including toucans and hummingbirds and many beautiful butterflies of all sizes and colours.

In addition to the wildlife we also have many pets. Our happy, cuddly dogs Lou and Norman, Trixie the cat who keeps the dogs in line; Mr & Mrs Peacock; Mick and Matilda the Australian black swans; Gus (the cheekiest goose on the planet) and let's not forget about Elvis and his crew of egg laying ducks and the brood of egg laying silkie chickens.

Barbosa has an average year round daily temperature of 25° Celsius. It can be hot here, but not overwhelming as we get a nice breeze. At night the temperature can dip to around 15°C. Colombia doesn't have seasons here per se, but some months are rainier than others, typically October to January.


We accommodate up to 15 guests on our Ayahuasca retreat.

There are 4 shared rooms in the finca which share 3 bathrooms with hot water showers.

In addition, we have five shared glamping tents on the grounds which were built from bamboo harvested from the land. The glamping tents also have their own shared bathrooms. These bathrooms feature eco-friendly compostable toilets and hot water showers.

All accommodation includes orthopaedic mattresses, silky sheets, and fluffy pillows. Towels are also provided.

We have WIFI on site so when you arrive you can message your loved ones to let them know your have arrived.

We then disable the WIFI so that you can switch off and give your full attention to the retreat.

Your time here will allow you to take a break from the outside world and really devote your attention to yourself, the other participants and the ceremonies.


All meals and drinks are provided and we can easily tailor to special dietary requirements if you give us advance notice.

The retreat package includes 3 meals a day plus snacks unless it's a ceremony day as we fast after lunch.

We provide wholesome, organic meals in line with the shamanic diet and more than 75% of the food provided at Origen EcoResort has been locally sourced. What we don’t produce enough of on the finca we buy from our neighbours, or at the local outdoor market.

The ducks and chickens produce the eggs for us, and when we need more, the eggs come from our neighbour Emma. All the eggs come from happy, free range birds.

Most of the fruit and vegetables are grown on the finca. We grow avocados, oranges, lemons, limes, papayas, guavas, guananabas, plums, passion fruit, pineapples, bananas, star fruit, sugar cane, grapefruit, dragon fruit and cacao. You are free to walk around and pick what you like.

We also have a vegetable, salad and herb garden with spinach, half a dozen different kinds of lettuces, cabbage, plantains, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, peppers, eggplant, onions, radishes, basil, rosemary, oregano, catnip and mint.

Breakfast is typically fresh fruits, bread, fresh arepas (corn pancakes), and eggs.

Lunch and dinner include meals like avocado spring rolls with fried rice, portobello mushroom fajitas with black beans and cilantro lime rice, fresh fish baked in plantain leaves, vegan chilli with cornbread, fresh hummus pitta pockets with quinoa salad, home made pizza fired in the outdoor pizza oven.

All food is healthy, tasty and nutritious, trust me you won't go hungry here!

Hot and cold drinks are served throughout the day, fruit is always available and Danielle often bakes cakes and bars and makes smoothies.

Getting There

Take the bus to Santa Domingo from Terminal Norte. Go to booth 39 and buy a ticket to Vereda la Cuesta. This is before Santa Domingo and where you will get off.

Tickets cost 7500 pesos and the bus drops you off right outside the finca.

Please note that the last bus is at 6pm.