Meet The Team

Taita Ai Thesi Jente Tigre

Ai Thesi Jente Tigre

Taita Ai Thesi Jente Tigre is a master shaman who comes from a long and pure shamanic lineage.

He is a highly respected elder of the Cofán people who are indigenous to South Colombia and North-East Ecuador.

Not only is Taita an extraordinary healer but he is funny, loving and a joy to be around.

From the age of 12 to 34 he trained under his uncle, Taita Querubín Queta Alvarado, one of the oldest and most revered Shamanic healers of the Amazon, recognized by all of the Ayahuasca tribes as the Taita of Taitas.

It is a wonderful experience to sit in ceremony with Taita Ai Thesi Jente Tigre where we can experience strong medicine and healing in a safe and loving environment.

Taita Major Universario Queta

Taita Major Universario Queta

Taita Universario is Taita Ai Thesi Jente Tigre's brother-in law. They trained under Taita Querubín along side each other.

Taita Universario is a solemn and powerful shaman who delivers deep healing. He conducts beautiful ceremonies which help heal people from trauma and connect with the universe.

A member of the Union of Indigenous Doctors and for decades he has been pushing through government reform to preserve the rainforest. Their plight was supported by the WHO and WWF who's backing helped to strengthen their cause. This pressure led the government to create protected areas of rainforest which guarantee the conservation of medicinal plants and the Cofan were granted legal ownership of 1 million acres of rainforest in 1980's for which they the sole caretakers.

Abuelita Vitelia

Abuelita Vitelia

Abuelita (Grandma) and Taita work as a team during the ceremonies. Female Shamans are much rarer than their male counterparts and to have a husband and wife Shamanic couple is a very rare thing indeed so we are incredibly blessed to have Taita and Abuelita working together to share the medicine with us.

Their daily dynamic is brought into the ceremony where they complement and balance each others strengths to bring about transformative healing.


Claire Quirk

I received a calling to move to South America and drink Ayahuasca and have been working with the medicine ever since. It has brought so much joy, peace and insight into my life and I now facilitate retreats with the Cofán so that others can experience the life changing, transformational effects of this ancient medicine.

In addition to facilitating the retreats I run a private life coaching practice and I incorporate this practice into the retreats. I help guests to focus their intentions; address issues that arise from ceremonies; assist with transitions and guide them through challenges or obstacles they may encounter.

In addition, I support clients to integrate what they learn in the retreat into their daily lives to help guide them towards the type of life they aspire to have.