Tuning Into Your Intuition

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

Think of your intuition as an internal GPS. It gives you a strong inner compass with which you can navigate the world.

It operates at a higher level than the rational mind, providing us with information in an instant. When following our intuition we often speak of having ‘a feel’ of a certain place, situation or person.

You may describe it as a gut feeling, a hunch or a sense of inner knowing. It takes place without conscious processing which allows us to connect to our subconscious wisdom, creativity and reach our full potential.

Receiving an intuitive hit may take the form of a sinking feeling in your stomach, or a feeling of uneasiness when something feels ‘off’ or wrong. Alternatively, when you are being guided down the correct path you may experience tingles, goosebumps or feelings of peace, joy and ‘rightness’.

Scientists estimate that as much as 99% of the mind is controlled by the subconscious which works by picking up on subtle energetic clues from the environment around us to form our intuitive sense. It is the awareness of the subtle stuff that lies outside the focus of awareness and it acts to alert us to things that our slow conscious mind may not be aware of.

Our intuition is a constant guiding voice that tells us to act consciously and with honesty and integrity. It supports and guides us very successfully in life if we learn trust it and listen to it.

Our intuition always knows what’s best for us as it operates with our greatest good at heart.

One of my main roles as a coach is teaching people how to reconnect with their intuitive sense. Once we reconnect with this inner wisdom we can intuitively make wiser decisions about all areas of our lives in line with our core values, safe in the knowledge that we are always making decisions based on the highest good.

The noise of the external world is muting our intuitive abilities. We live in a busy, fast paced world, where we are continually bombarded by external information and stimulation­, a world where wisdom has been replaced by knowledge. This has led to us as a society to feel anxious, depressed, discontent and disconnected to varying degrees.

We have lost touch with how to receive this guidance, or we don’t act on it because we mistrust it which subsequently leads us to fear and betray it. Most of us are pretty comfortable navigating the world in a physical sense by utilising our five senses and rational abilities, internally however, we are often lost when navigating matters outwith the reach of these senses.

Ignoring our intuition comes with great consequences and leads us to essentially sell our souls for money, security, jobs, companionship or other externals.

The soul, however, is much too valuable to sell for these things and living a life against our intuition will only lead to a life of misery. We define ourselves by our constantly changing external circumstances such as our jobs, possessions, image and relationships, often making decisions from a place of fear or expectation.

Instead we should be paying attention to our inner guidance which is absolute, timeless and always guiding us from place of love with our best interests at heart.

Here is how you can reconnect with and strengthen your intuitive sense. As with all skills it requires practice and daily habits:

1) Meditate

Meditation allows us to quieten the mind so that our intuition has a chance to surface. During meditation we can practice listening for, and receiving intuitive guidance.

Here’s a quick exercise you can try:

Go into meditative state by taking some big deep breaths to clear your mind and help focus. Once you are relaxed ask the question which is on your mind but try not to over focus on it, ask it in a relaxed manner. The answer will come in the form of a thought, vision, idea, message or feeling.

This takes some practice but the answer will pop into your mind or you will get a sense of feeling for the right course of action to take. If you get stuck ask some more questions about the issue that only requires a yes or no answer and you can gauge how you feel when the yes or no response pops into your head.

Working with your intuition or sixth sense works differently to the five physical senses so don’t be discouraged at first as it takes practice and patience. At times you may not receive anything but later on that day the guidance may appear to you when you’re going about your daily business as you’ve set the intention for it to appear.

2) Spend Time in Nature

Being in nature increases your connectivity to the moment and the source.

It opens up our intuitive sense that we relied on in years gone to keep us safe from the elements, predators, and other dangers.

Polynesian sailors were able to navigate the seas by observing the wind currents, ocean swells, cloud formations, bird flight patterns and the stars. They spent so much time in direct contact with nature that they had a highly tuned intuitive sense. The same is true of anyone who lives in nature.

We are all aware that Sir Isaac Newton was taking a walk in in his families private estate when observed an apple fall to the ground which led him to develop his theory of gravity.  Free to switch off and enjoy being in nature allowed for him to have this intuitive breakthrough.

3) Tune Into Your Dreams

Many people underestimate this but intuition is the language of dreams.

In our dream state the subconscious can work without interference from the mind and provide valuable insight into your life. Quite often I find that messages or solutions come to me in the form of dreams.

Before you go to sleep reflect on something that you need guidance with and think about various possible outcomes or solutions. This will trigger your subconscious to  come up with solutions while you sleep. Keep a journal next to your bed to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up and you can then go about deciphering them.

The structure of the benzene molecule came to the chemist Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz while he was sleeping. Dmitri Mendeleev had a dream where all of the basic elements of the universe fell into a table and upon awakening he noted down all of the elements in sequence which in turn became the Periodic Table. Similarly, Paul McCartney dreamt the tune to his hit ‘Yesterday’ in his sleep.

4) Release the Past

This one takes time but releasing core negative beliefs and past hurt allows us to further develop our intuition as we’re no longer held back by negativity and fear.

When we let go of old beliefs and past hurts our intuition has more space to come to the forefront as it isn’t drowned out by conflicting negative thoughts.

Our intuitive sense operates for our highest good and negative thoughts work against it, therefore the more negative space we clear the easier it is for our intuition to come through.

5) Look Within

Quite often when we have a big decision to make the mind may not be of any help at all. In fact, it may even be a hindrance, especially if it is guiding you to make a decision out of fear or the expectations of others.

In these cases it’s best to consult your inner wisdom which will guide you to what is correct regardless of external opinions.

When faced with big decisions we often tend to consult externally. We’ll ask friends and family or search on the internet for answers forgetting that we already have the answers within us.

When you feel more comfortable with yourself and trust your intuition you won’t seek outside yourself as much.

6) Practice Awareness

We need to experience the world directly, not through our minds.

The more you become aware of the world around you the more heightened your intuitive senses becomes because you are not as distracted by mindless chatter in your head. You are then able to become aware of patterns and coincidences leading you to have a greater understanding of the connectivity of the world.

7) Intuition Is Subtle

In addition to intuition being subtle it communicates to us all differently.

Pay attention to your health and the illnesses you’re struck with. Becoming ill is quite often a way of alerting you to the fact that something is wrong and that you’ve have veered off your intuitive path. If certain people drain your energy this is also your intuition telling you to be careful of who you associate with.

Our intuition alerts us all in different ways and you will eventually come to understand how you receive intuitive hits and how to call on your intuitive sense.

8) Trust

In order to strengthen your intuition you need to trust it.

I struggle with this at times as trusting my gut conflicts with my notion that I should give people a chance. At times you meet someone who’s nice and friendly and saying all of the right things but there is something about them that you cant put your finger on. This is because you’re picking up on subtle clues that you’re not even consciously processing.

Don’t go with what your ‘supposed’ to do or what is expected of you when you know within yourself that you should do otherwise. You will only betray your intuition making it even harder to follow in the future.

We have been blessed with this innate intuitive sense, however, it’s up to us if we learn to utilise it or not.  I’ll leave you with some wise words from Steve Jobs.  Prior to his death he told his employees:

“Intuition is more powerful than intellect…have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition…everything else is secondary.”